Octopath Traveler PC Cheats:

How to Unlock Sub-Jobs:

To unlock Sub-Jobs you only need to have completed any character's Chapter One. After that it's a just a matter of finding corresponding Shrines scattered around the world map. The shrines appear on the radar as a curved platform supporting four pillars. In addition, there are 4 advanced jobs that can be unlocked after defeating a powerful boss inside of their Level 50 dungeon.

Apothecary - East Saintsbridge Traverse (Shrine of the Healer)

Cleric - Western Stillsnow Wilds (Shrine of the Flamebearer)

Dancer - Northern Wellspring Sands (Shrine of the Lady of Grace)

Hunter = East Victors Hollow Trail (Shrine of the Huntress)

Merchant - Moonstruck Coast (Shrine of the Trader)

Runelord - West Everhold Pass (Shrine of the Runeblade)

Scholar - Western Noblecourt Flats (Shrine of the Sage)

Sorcerer - Eask Duskbarrow Trail (Shrine of the Archmagus)

Starseer - Western Wispermill Flats (Shrine of the Starseer)

Thief - South Quarrycrest Pass (Shrine of the Prince of Thieves)

Warmaster - North Riverford Traverse (Shrine of the Warbringer)

Warrior - North Stonegard Pass (Shrine of the Thunderblade)

Title Screen Crown:

After completing the final side-quest, "At Journey's End", the title screen will have a crown placed above it showing your full completion of the game.

At Journey's End (Spoilers):

Please note that there'll be spoilers that may want to avoid. This little guide will help those who have difficulties on achieving this content. Read this at your own criteria.

After beating all Chapter 4 bosses, there's one more task you can perform to reach endgame content, and it's the final sidequest known as "At Journey's End". Some need to be completed first, however (you can check them below).

As soon as you have finished "Alphas and Impresario's Request" a fast travel spot on the map will appear (near Everhold), allowing you the access to Ruins of Hornburg and its final dungeon, Gate of Finis. Before stepping in, note that it's important to level up your unused characters too since for the first time you'll be using both parties for the final stage. A well set strategy is recommended as well.

(1) "Kit, The Traveler" - Give him a Healing Grape after beating 1st Chapter on any character (you'll find him outside your starting area)

(2) "In Search of Father (I)" - Guide/Allure "Aspiring Actor" (a NPC which can be found at the east side of Noblecourt) to Kit, who is in Noblecourt too

(3) "Daughter of Dark God (I)" - Duel/Provoke Alphas, a guard that can be found in the outside of Ravus Manor in Bolderfall

(4) "Daughter of Dark God (II)" - Alphas will follow Lyblac to Saintsbridge. Scrutinize/Inquire to get his poem, and bring it to Flora, who is at the cathedral entrance

(5) "In Search of Father (II)" - Kit is located in Moonstruck Coast. Give him the Lapis Lazuli, which can be Purchased/Stolen from a merchant on Grandport

(6) "Alphas and the Impresario" - As soon as all previous sidequests are completed, fast travel to S'waarki, head to the west and you will find Impresario and Alpha. Beat the miniboss