RAGE 2 PC Cheats:

To unlock cheats, you need to find the travelling wizard vendor in the open world. The wizard, Mangoo the Unborn, appears in different locations on his hot-air balloon shack. He sells a variety of cheats — they cost between 500 and 2,000 coins, normally. Just drive there, and you’ll see a tall stack of balloons reaching into the sky where he’s parked. Drive up and you can begin purchasing cheat codes.Cheat codes, when activated, will permanently disable earning achievement / trophies on your save file. Make a save file BEFORE purchasing! You can toggle cheats on / off in the Settings -> Cheats menu.

Diamond Geezer - Unlocks cockney actor Danny Dyer as a gameplay narrator (does not disable Trophies)

He's on Fire - Unlocks sports commentator Tim Kitzrow as a gameplay narrator (does not disable Trophies)

Son of Thor - Electrifies your character, shocking enemies that get close (disables Trophies)

Klegg Support - Summons Klegg Clayton to help you out in combat (disables Trophies)

Git Gud - Lets you kill all enemies in one hit (disables Trophies)

Progress Booster - Doubles all Feltrite that you collect over the next four hours of game time (disables Trophies)

Phoenix Rejector Seat - Using your vehicle eject makes your car fly into the air instead of your character (disables Trophies)

Red Barrel Rain - Makes explosive red barrels drop from the sky (disables Trophies)

Super Overdrive - Makes your overdrive more powerful (disables Trophies)

Super Wingstick - Gives you unlimited wingsticks that fly back to you (disables Trophies)

Super Phoenix - Makes your Phoenix more powerful (disables Trophies)