Victoria II: Heart of Darkness PC Cheats:

The console commands are the more quick way of cheat. The console is activated by the ยง button, or alternatively calling the symbol via alt+21 on the numpad (or alt+0127 in some computers).

money [amount] - Adds the desired amount of money to the player's nation's cash reserves.

Prestige [amount] - Gives a specified amount of prestige to the player. Available since VIC II version 1.2

leadership [amount] - Adds the desired amount of leadership to the player's nation's leadership reserves.

goods [amount] - Gives the player the amount specified of all the goods in the game plus the same amount of money. Default is 10000.

Plurality [number] - Set the player plurality to the number given.

revolt [ province id] - Rise all the valid rebels of the country that controls [province id] (use twice).

instantconstruction - Buildings finish in one day. Affects human and AI players.

inc - Short version of instantconstruction. Doesn't affect the AI.

instantresearch - Research finishes in one day. Affects human and AI players.

inr - Short version of instantresearch. Doesn't affect the AI.

yesmen - The AI accepts any deal with the player or other AI players. debug yesmen - The AI accepts any deal with the player or other AI players. (This was changed to debug yesmen in the initial release of HoD.)

TAG [TAG] - Change the player country to the one specified. The [TAG] part must be in caps, and more than 1 change "sleeps" the AI of the affected country until reload.

event [id] [province id] - (Province events) Trigger events with the id specified, ignoring it requirements. You can specify the province affected, otherwise it default to the capital province.

event [id] [TAG] - (Country events) Trigger events with the id specified, ignoring it requirements. You can specify the country affected, if there is no TAG or a misspelled one, it will use the current country.

changeowner [TAG] [province id] - Change the current owner of [province id] to the TAG specified.

changecontroller [TAG] [province id] - Change the current controller of [province id] to the TAG specified. Unless there is a war between the original owner and the TAG the province will return to the original owner.

conquerall [TAG] - Set all enemy provinces under our control.

showprovinceid - Shows the id of the provinces.

provid - The shortened version of the above cheat.

spawnunit [unit] [province id] - A [unit] appears in the province specified at 0 organization and full strength. In case of a land unit, the soldiers will come from a random province.

reload <filename> - In theory, allows reload some of files, like the interface ones. In practice, no one is really sure which files it does work.

reloadfx <effectname> - When modding shaders (reloadfx map reloads all the map shaders).

reloadtexture <name> - Reload texture for modding without restarting.

break - Enforces demands of top-level rebels available in movement window.

upperhouse - Instant upper house reelection.

election - Starts common elections right now.

militancy [level] - Changes militancy level. Try positive and negative values.

date - Changes date.

fow - Turns on\of fog of war. In HoD it is debug fow

debug invent [invention] - Discover specified invention. The names of all inventions are in the inventions folder.

debug market - Turns on\of price changing log which is located in me documents\paradox interactive\logs\game.log.

minzoom - Controls max and minimum zoom.

debug cb_use <cb_type> <TAG> <TAG> - Show all the requirements for a certain CB and marks which ones are currently valid and invalid with the same syntax of an event manually triggered. The list can be too long to be completely displayed though. The first TAG is the country trying to use the CB; the second TAG is the country against the CB is evaluated.

wireframe - Switches units 3D models to wireframe mode.

blockade <provinceid> - Blockade province.

reorg <provinceid> - All units in <provinceid> got 100% organization and full strength.

fullscreen - Changes screen to fullscreen mode.

debug allmoney - Shows info for money transfers.

debug alwaysdiplo - Makes diplomats endless.

debug alwaysaddwargoal - Removes limits for wargoal.

debug researchpoints [number] - Grants the specified number of research-points.

debug alwaysreform - Eliminates the 1 month wait between reforms. You still need to have +50% of the upper-house favorable to pass reforms. The effect of this cheat won't disappear until you reset the game, and it's unknown if affect the AI as well (It doesn't seem thought).

debug influence - Makes every Great Power's influence on every country fixed at 100 (AI included). When deactivated, all influence levels return to normal. It doesn't show any message on console when activated or deactivated.

suppress - Set the suppression points to 100.

showrails - Toggles the railroads visibility mode

spawnunit [unittype] [province] - Spawns unit at specified location.

citysize [on/off] [<size 0-100>(if on)] - Overrides the cities size.

newsfakegenerateall(fakenewsall) [<stylename>] [<randomseed>] - Generates fake news for each possible fake defined.

newsfakegenerate(fakenews) [articlename] [<stylename>] [<randomseed>] - Generates fake news for specified article name.

reloadnewsdatabase(reloadnews) - Reloads the news databases and styles.

newsgeneratefrompath(newsfrom) [path] [<stylename>] [<randomseed>] - Generates news from specified folder.

newsgenerate(news) [filename] [<stylename>] [<randomseed>] - Generates news from file.

addresearch(addr) [techname] - Adds research at specified name.

provblockade(blockade) [province] - Toggles province blockade.

researchpoints(rpoints) [num] - Adds specified amount of research points.

invention(invent) [name] - Triggers specified invention.

showprovinceid(provid) - Toggles province ID visibility in tooltips.

leaderprestige(lprestige) [province] [value] - Adds prestige to leaders attached to units at specified location.

revolt [province] - Creates revolt at specified location.

breakcountry(break) [<tag>] - Breaks country with first rebel faction in specified country.

militancy [province] [ideology] - Sets high militancy for pops at location and specified ideology.

togglepopupdate(popupdate) - Toggles ON/OFF updating pops.

popstat - Prints out amount of active pops.

breakalliances(breakally) [<tag>] - Breaks all alliances for you or for specific country.

plurality(plur) [value] - Sets plurality to specified value

goods [num] - Adds specified amount of all goods.

upperhouse - Updates the upper house.

lua [luacode] - Executes lua code typed instead of arguments.

leadership(leader) [num] - Adds leadership points to your country.

suppress [num] - Adds suppression points to your country.

prestige [num] - Adds prestige points to your country.

technologylist(techs) - Prints out all technologies

morehumans(humans) [num] - Adds more humans

window(wnd) [Arguments: open/close] [window gui name] - Opens or closes the specified window

randomlog - Toggles random logging

reload [file name] - Reloads the gui or lua file

reloadinterface - Reloads the entire interface

reloadfx [Arguments: map or *.fx filename] - Reloads the shader

reloadtexture [texture file name] - Reloads the specified texture

event [event id] [<country_TAG/province_ID>] - Executes an event

election - Starts an election

tag [country_TAG] - Switch control to another country

paint - Switch to map painting mode.

rpaint - Switch to region painting mode.

cpaint - Switch to continent painting mode.

date [date in format] - Changes current date

money [amount] - Adds specified amount of money

teleportselectionto(teleport) [province id] - Teleports currently selected unit to location

reorg [province id] - Reorganize all units at location (includes enemies, so use wisely)

instantconstruction(instantproduction,inc) - Toggles instant construction

instantresearch(inr) - Toggles instant research

fullscreen - Toggles full screen mode

tutorial [chapter id] [<reload>] - Sets or reload tutorial

changeowner [country tag] [province id] - Change the owner of specified location

changecontroller [country tag] [province id] - Change the controller of specified location

copyprov - Copy selected provinces ids to clipboard

spawnactor [actor name] [province id] [<animation>] [<gun>] [<hat>] - Spawns 3d object at location

conquerall [country tag] - Set all enemy provinces under our control.

helplog - Print out all console commands to game.log file.

help [command name] - Print out all console commands or a specific command description.

debug [Arguments: lines/alwaysupgradecolony/ai/influence/market/alwaysreform/ allmoney/alwaysdiplo/alwaysaddwargoal/artisanchange/focusai/info/profile/ pops/tooltips/assert/promotiondesc/demotiondesc/cb_use/eco/textures/ fow/yesmen/wireframe/minzoom/render/color/save] - Various debugging actions