Witcher 3: Blood and Wine PC Cheats:

Codes of the The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt should work. Blood and Wine DLC Item Codes:


Unique (Best) Sword Item: 

additem(“Aerondight EP2”)

additem(“Unique steel sword”)

additem(“Unique silver sword”)

additem(“Gwent steel sword 1”)

additem(“sq701 Geralt of Rivia sword”)

additem(“Hanza steel sword 3”)

additem(“q704 vampire silver sword”)


Vampire Item:






additem(“q704 vampire steel sword”)






additem(“q702 vampire steel sword”)


Dyes Item:

additem(‘Dye Black’)

additem(‘Dye Turquoise’)

additem(‘Dye White’)

additem(‘Dye Gray’)

additem(‘Dye Brown’)

additem(‘Dye Green’)

additem(‘Dye Blue’)

additem(‘Dye Orange’)

additem(‘Dye Yellow’)

additem(‘Dye Pink’)

additem(“Dye Solution”)

additem(“Recipe Dye Black”)

additem(“Recipe Dye White”)

additem(“Recipe Dye Gray”)

additem(“Recipe Dye Turquoise”)

additem(“Recipe Dye Brown”)

additem(“Recipe Dye Green”)

additem(“Recipe Dye Red”)

additem(“Recipe Dye Blue”)

additem(“Recipe Dye Orange”)

additem(“Recipe Dye Yellow”)

additem(“Recipe Dye Pink”)


Grandmaster Witcher Set Item:

additem(“Bear Pants 5”)

additem(“Bear Boots 5”)

additem(“Bear Gloves 5”)

additem(“Bear Armor 4”)

additem(“Bear School steel sword 4”)

additem(“Bear School silver sword 4”)

additem(“Lynx Pants 5”)

additem(“Lynx Boots 5”)

additem(“Lynx Gloves 5”)

additem(“Lynx Armor 4”)

additem(“Lynx School steel sword 4”)

additem(“Lynx School silver sword 4”)

additem(“Gryphon Pants 5”)

additem(“Gryphon Boots 5”)

additem(“Gryphon Gloves 5”)

additem(“Gryphon Armor 4”)

additem(“Gryphon School steel sword 4”)

additem(“Gryphon School silver sword 4”)

additem(“Wolf Pants 5”)

additem(“Wolf Boots 5”)

additem(“Wolf Gloves 5”)

additem(“Wolf Armor 4”)

additem(“Wolf School steel sword 4”)

additem(“Wolf School silver sword 4”)

additem(“Red Wolf Pants 1”)

additem(“Red Wolf Gloves 1”)

additem(“Red Wolf Boots 1”)

additem(“Red Wolf Armor 1”)

additem(“Red Wolf School steel sword 1”)

additem(“Red Wolf School silver sword 1”)

additem(“Red Wolf Pants 2”)

additem(“Red Wolf Gloves 2”)

additem(“Red Wolf Boots 2”)

additem(“Red Wolf Armor 2”)

additem(“Red Wolf School steel sword 2”)

additem(“Red Wolf School silver sword 2”)


Tournament Rewards Item:

additem(“Geralt of Rivia Crossbow”)


additem(“Tourney Geralt Saddle”)



Common Weapon & Armor Item: 

additem(“Knights steel sword 1”)

additem(“Knights steel sword 2”)

additem(“Knights steel sword 3”)

additem(“Squire steel sword 1”)

additem(“Squire steel sword 2”)

additem(“Squire steel sword 3”)

additem(“Toussaint steel sword 3”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 steel sword 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 steel sword 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 steel sword 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 steel sword 2”)

additem(“mq7001 Toussaint steel sword”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Armor 3”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Armor 3”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Gloves 3”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Gloves 3”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Pants 3”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Pants 3”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Boots 3”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Boots 3”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Armor 1”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Boots 1”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Gloves 1”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Pants 1”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Armor 2”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Boots 2”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Gloves 2”)

additem(“Knight Geralt Pants 2”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Armor 1”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Boots 1”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Gloves 1”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Pants 1”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Armor 2”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Boots 2”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Gloves 2”)

additem(“Knight Geralt A Pants 2”)

additem(“Toussaint Armor 2”)

additem(“Toussaint Boots 2”)

additem(“Toussaint Gloves 2”)

additem(“Toussaint Pants 2”)

additem(“Toussaint Armor 3”)

additem(“Toussaint Boots 3”)

additem(“Toussaint Gloves 3”)

additem(“Toussaint Pants 3”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 Armor 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 Boots 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 Gloves 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 Pants 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 Armor 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 Boots 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 Gloves 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 Pants 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 A Armor 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 A Boots 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 A Gloves 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 A Pants 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 A Armor 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl1 A Boots 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 Armor 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 Boots 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 Gloves 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 Armor 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 Pants 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 Boots 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 Gloves 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 Pants 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 A Armor 1”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 A Armor 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 A Boots 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 A Gloves 2”)

additem(“Guard Lvl2 A Pants 2”)


Corvo Bianco Decoration Item:













Horse Equipment:

additem(“Toussaint saddle”)

additem(“Toussaint saddle 2”)

additem(“Toussaint saddle 3”)

additem(“Toussaint saddle 4”)

additem(“Toussaint saddle 5”)

additem(“Toussaint saddle 6”)

additem(“Toussaint horsebag”)

additem(“Toussaint horse blinders”)

additem(“Toussaint horse blinders 2”)

additem(“Toussaint horse blinders 3”)

additem(“Toussaint horse blinders 4”)

additem(“Toussaint horse blinders 5”)

additem(“Toussaint horse blinders 6”)


Other Item:

additem('DLC1 Temerian Armor')

additem('DLC1 Temerian Boots')

additem('DLC1 Temerian Gloves')

additem('DLC1 Temerian Pants')

additem('DLC5 Nilfgaardian Armor')

additem('DLC5 Nilfgaardian Boots')

additem('DLC5 Nilfgaardian Gloves')

additem('DLC5 Nilfgaardian Pants')

additem('DLC1 Temerian HorseBag')

additem('DLC1 Temerian HorseBlinders')

additem('DLC1 Temerian HorseSaddle')

additem('DLC5 Nilfgaardian HorseBag')

additem('DLC5 Nilfgaardian HorseBlinders')

additem('DLC5 Nilfgaardian HorseSaddle')

additem('DLC13 Nilfgaardian Crossbow')

additem('DLC13 Skellige Crossbow')

additem('DLC13 Elven Crossbow')

additem('DLC14 Skellige Armor')

additem('DLC14 Skellige Boots')

additem('DLC14 Skellige Gloves')

additem('DLC14 Skellige Pants')

additem('DLC14 Skellige HorseBag')

additem('DLC14 Skellige HorseBlinders')

additem('DLC14 Skellige HorseSaddle')

additem('Wolf Armor')

additem('Wolf Armor 1')

additem('Wolf Armor 2')

additem('Wolf Armor 3')

additem('Wolf School steel sword')

additem('Wolf School steel sword 1')

additem('Wolf School steel sword 2')

additem('Leather squares')

additem('Wolf School silver sword')

additem('Wolf School silver sword 1')

additem('Wolf School silver sword 2')

additem('Wolf Armor')

additem('Wolf Armor 1')

additem('Wolf Armor 2')

additem('Wolf Gloves 1')

additem('Wolf Gloves 2')

additem('Wolf Gloves 3')

additem('Wolf Pants 1')

additem('Wolf Pants 2')

additem('Wolf Pants 3')

additem('Wolf Boots 1')

additem('Wolf Boots 2')

additem('Wolf Boots 3')

additem('Wolf Armor schematic')

additem('Wolf Boots schematic')

additem('Wolf Gloves schematic')

additem('Wolf Pants schematic')

additem('Witcher Wolf Jacket Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Wolf Jacket Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Witcher Wolf Jacket Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Witcher Wolf Boots Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Wolf Pants Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Witcher Wolf Gloves Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Wolf School steel sword Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Wolf School steel sword Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Wolf School steel sword Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Wolf School silver sword Upgrade schematic 1')

additem('Wolf School silver sword Upgrade schematic 2')

additem('Wolf School silver sword Upgrade schematic 3')

additem('Leather squares')









additem('NGP DLC1 Temerian Armor')

additem('NGP DLC1 Temerian Boots')

additem('NGP DLC1 Temerian Gloves')

additem('NGP DLC1 Temerian Pants')

additem('NGP DLC5 Nilfgaardian Armor')

additem('NGP DLC5 Nilfgaardian Boots')

additem('NGP DLC5 Nilfgaardian Gloves')

additem('NGP DLC5 Nilfgaardian Pants')

additem('NGP DLC14 Skellige Armor')

additem('NGP DLC14 Skellige Boots')

additem('NGP DLC14 Skellige Gloves')

additem('NGP DLC14 Skellige Pants')

additem('NGP Starting Pants')

additem('NGP Pants 01')

additem('NGP Pants 01 q2')

additem('NGP Pants 02')

additem('NGP Pants 03')

additem('NGP Pants 04')

additem('NGP Heavy pants 01')

additem('NGP Heavy pants 02')

additem('NGP Heavy pants 03')

additem('NGP Heavy pants 04')

additem('NGP Nilfgaardian Casual Pants')

additem('NGP Skellige Casual Pants 01')

additem('NGP Skellige Casual Pants 02')

additem('NGP Bath Towel Pants 01')

additem('NGP Pants 01_crafted')

additem('NGP Pants 02_crafted')

additem('NGP Pants 03_crafted')

additem('NGP Pants 04_crafted')

additem('NGP Heavy pants 01_crafted')

additem('NGP Heavy pants 02_crafted')

additem('NGP Heavy pants 03_crafted')

additem('NGP Heavy pants 04_crafted')

additem('NGP Lynx Pants 1')

additem('NGP Lynx Pants 2')

additem('NGP Lynx Pants 3')

additem('NGP Lynx Pants 4')

additem('NGP Gryphon Pants 1')

additem('NGP Gryphon Pants 2')

additem('NGP Gryphon Pants 3')

additem('NGP Gryphon Pants 4')

additem('NGP Bear Pants 1')

additem('NGP Bear Pants 1')

additem('NGP Bear Pants 2')

additem('NGP Bear Pants 3')

additem('NGP Bear Pants 4')

additem('NGP Wolf Armor')

additem('NGP Wolf Armor 1')

additem('NGP Wolf Armor 2')

additem('NGP Wolf Armor 3')

additem('NGP Wolf School steel sword')

additem('NGP Wolf School steel sword 1')

additem('NGP Wolf School steel sword 2')

additem('NGP Wolf School silver sword')

additem('NGP Wolf School silver sword 1')

additem('NGP Wolf School silver sword 2')

additem('NGP Wolf Armor')

additem('NGP Wolf Armor 1')

additem('NGP Wolf Armor 2')

additem('NGP Wolf Gloves 2')

additem('NGP Wolf Gloves 3')

additem('NGP Wolf Pants 1')

additem('NGP Wolf Pants 2')

additem('NGP Wolf Pants 3')

additem('NGP Wolf Boots 1')

additem('NGP Wolf Boots 2')

additem('NGP Wolf Boots 3')