We Happy Few PC Cheats:

To activate the developer console window, follow these steps on Steam:

1.Right-click We Happy Few and select Properties -> Select ‘Set Launch Options’

2.Enter “-console” — don’t include the quotations.

Now that the developer console is enabled, you can open the console command window in-game.

Press tilde [~] or [`] — on non-US keyboards, use the key beneath [Esc] or left of [1] With the console window available, you can begin inputting commands.

god - God mode, invincibility, makes it so you won’t take damage.

unlockinventory - Unlocks all inventory slots, including the secondary weapon slot.

heal - Fully heals the player, removes debuffs and Joy addiction, and fills all meters to 100%.

unlockallrecipes - Unlocks all crafting recipes.

travel - Reveals all teleport locations. Warning: May cause crashes.

unlockalllore - Reveals all lore entries.

aiignoreplayers 1 - AI ignores you completely. Replace “1” with “0” to toggle off.

give (itemname) -OR- given (#) (itemname) - Replace “#” with the amount of items you want, and “itemname” with an item’s name. Not all items are spelled how you would see them in-game. Here’s a short list of useful items to spawn!

List of Item Names: 


smoke grenade

shock grenade

blue molotov

vomit bomb


berserk bomb

tear gas grenade


pointy stick

double knocker

electro hammer pipe

berserk pipe



new formula dexipam

new formula sanitol



feramyle syringe


spiky suit (DMG to enemies when attacked.)

fab threads (Wastrels will follow you.)

blending suit (Bonus to stealth.)

improved gas mask


Early-Access Cheat Codes:

We Happy Few also includes beta-access cheat codes for early-adopters to check out. These codes are designed to help players test all the functions of the game.

To access, press [Esc] and go to “Developer Cheats”

There you’ll find useful codes like: heal, invulnerability, NoClip, Teleport to Shelter, and Complete Tracked Objective. Very useful if you’ve hit a bug that makes it impossible to progress, just activate the “Complete Tracked Objective” cheat to continue.